Data Visualisation

Organising the work of a single team day-to-day or planning the strategy

for your whole business over the next 5 years, you always need a way to see and understand your data to help understand what is happening in your world.

Too often though that data comes to you in the form of a big list of raw data in a spreadsheet and you then have to take the time to turn that into charts and visuals before you can even start to analyse, understand, and use it.

Data visualisation massively improves the time to insight, getting you away from big lists of raw data and into a world where your data is pre-aggregated and showing you points of interest in your world from the first second you look at it. With interactive dashboards you can quickly tailor what you’re looking at to suit the questions that matter to you at any given moment and get the answers you need for your business to be successful.

Automatically refreshing and updating your key dashboards and reports can create huge time savings compared to the manual processes you might have now to achieve the same thing. You’ll be amazed how quickly visualising and automating your data can give you a return on your investment.


Dashboard Development

Building high-quality dashboards that will engage people in your business isn’t just about pulling your data into a few graphs and charts – there’s an art to making sure that your data paints a picture and helps people to answer the questions that they have about your business.

Mintivo’s BI Developers will work with you to understand those questions, and who is asking them, and design and build engaging dashboards that provide the answers. We’ll even use your own branding so that they fit seamlessly into your business. We use Microsoft Power BI to do this and that comes with a wealth of features for users to help them navigate and investigate the data and we’ll make sure your dashboards are fine-tuned to make the most of those features.


Microsoft Power BI Deployment

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful data visualisation tool, but that’s not all it offers. Our BI Consultants can help you to make sure you get the most out of Power BI by supporting you with:

  • Deployment and licensing
  • Sharing and securing your data and dashboards
  • User adoption training to make sure all of the valuable features are understood
  • Publishing and refreshing your underlying data
  • Power BI Enterprise Data Gateway installations

Power BI Adoption Support

Power BI is a constantly evolving tool. Even as IT and BI professionals developing with Power BI regularly it’s not always easy to keep up with the wealth of functionality that’s available to your report users to help them engage with the powerful reports you’re building. Mintivo’s BI Consultants will support you to make sure that your people know how to get the most from Power BI. We’ll help them learn how to:

  • Get the most out of working with interactive data visualisation
  • Personalise their report experience with Dashboards and Bookmarks
  • Get started building their own data dashboards using published datasets
  • Use the Q&A feature to start getting answers from your data fast

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