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For reliable sales forecasting

Reinventing the sales forecast

The problem

From planning to dashboard

The service

Simple questions shouldn’t take long to answer

This company needed to compare actual sales figures from Dynamics 365 against their monthly targets. When the board needed an update, someone had to manually export data from Dynamics into a spreadsheet – and then manipulate the information to get the right figures.

There was a large work-hour cost and a risk of human error

First, automate and model the source data
The solution was to automate the spreadsheet step – to implement ‘connectors’ within Power BI to directly draw data from the Dynamics 365 instance.

Then find a solution to house the performance targets
The company’s sales performance targets were built into this automation so that no ongoing manual interference was required.

Next, create the schedule for automation
The data was updated automatically on an hourly schedule, so business leaders could see the latest position with NO additional work hours.

Instantly available forecasts
For this report alone, the company saves TWO WORKING DAYS each month. More importantly, they’ve increased visibility and confidence in their sales data, and have embedded the sales dashboard right at the heart of their sales process.


Plan to make the
most of your data

Turn your data into engaging interactive visuals that empower your teams to analyse and understand your business and get answers to the questions that will drive your success.

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