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Dynamics 365 Power BI dashboard

For reliable sales forecasting

Reinventing the sales forecast

The problem

From planning to dashboard

The service

Simple questions shouldn’t take long to answer

This company needed to compare actual sales figures from Dynamics 365 against their monthly targets. When the board needed an update, someone had to manually export data from Dynamics into a spreadsheet – and then manipulate the information to get the right figures.

There was a large work-hour cost and a risk of human error

First, automate and model the source data
The solution was to automate the spreadsheet step – to implement ‘connectors’ within Power BI to directly draw data from the Dynamics 365 instance.

Then find a solution to house the performance targets
The company’s sales performance targets were built into this automation so that no ongoing manual interference was required.

Next, create the schedule for automation
The data was updated automatically on an hourly schedule, so business leaders could see the latest position with NO additional work hours.

Instantly available forecasts
For this report alone, the company saves TWO WORKING DAYS each month. More importantly, they’ve increased visibility and confidence in their sales data, and have embedded the sales dashboard right at the heart of their sales process.


Plan to make the
most of your data

Turn your data into engaging interactive visuals that empower your teams to analyse and understand your business and get answers to the questions that will drive your success.


For Data Analysts and IT managers who need to deliver Power BI dashboards, fast.

You have to deliver management dashboards with Power BI. Leaders need reliable, up-to-the-minute information and it’s your job to deliver it. But, there are a million other priorities for you and your team and you lack the internal expertise to do it right.

Who has time to learn Power BI properly? And what damage can you do if you get it wrong? 



Daniel Slade

Mintivo are an experienced organisation with vast knowledge of all things digital. They allowed exploration of our ideas, building clear timelines and meeting deadlines. I would recommend to others.


Our team of experienced Microsoft Power BI developers will help you avoid common mistakes and pitfalls to create stunning Power BI dashboards that your decision makers can depend on.

“The underlying challenge that businesses face today is understanding and using their data”


True Business Intelligence tells a story about the data it’s drawn from. Power BI dashboards, if done correctly, will help you understand what’s working and what’s failing AND help you to decide what to do next.

We create Power BI dashboards that tell a story. A true story based on real facts and reliable data. Your dashboards will find insights, uncover hidden value and influence your organisation in new and unexpected ways.


Data Modelling & Automation

Transform and unify your inbound data to automate reporting, optimise performance and remove errors.

Dashboard Development

Clear, intuitive and beautifully presented visuals so that report consumers can confidently take action.

Power BI Training

Put your destiny in your own hands with training and hand-over manuals customised to your business and systems.


Dynamics 365 Power BI dashboard For reliable sales forecasting

The problem

Reinventing the sales forecast

  • Manual reports in excel
  • Excessive work hours for each report
  • Unreliable results leading to
  • Uncertain planning for future revenue and resources

The service

From planning to dashboard

  • Spreadsheet replacement solution
  • Dynamics 365 integration
  • Scheduled automated data import
  • Data modelling with DAX and Power Query
  • Headline charts and data drill-downs
  • Corporately branded Power BI dashboards


It’s cheap to get the wrong answer... But the cost can be devastating

Power BI Projects start from as little as £3,000 and the typical projects we see have budgets between £9,000 and £17,000. Of course, your investment will depend upon the money you have available and the value of the desired outcome. Speak to Rich or Dave for some initial suggestions.

Download our Power BI Pricing Fact Sheet, here 

A good Power BI dashboard will cost you nothing

That’s our mantra. Typically, our customers recover our fees within 3-6 months from the savings or gains that come from the actionable insights they receive.


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Head of Business Intelligence

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Power BI Consultant

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Technical Director

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CEO & Chairman

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Operations Manager

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Head of Commercial

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Managing Director

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Project Manager


What is Power BI?

Getting Started With Power BI

5 Tips for Presenting Data in BI


Power BI has several licensing options. Here’s the basics:

The basic version is free. This allows you to build reports and publish them to your own workspace but doesn’t really allow you to share them.

Power BI Pro
The next level is Power BI Pro where licensed individuals may share and view reports and advanced built-in AI power features to analyse data

Power Bi Premium
The highest level is Power Bi Premium. This is an enterprise scale option that allows anyone in your business to view reports, with data refreshed much more frequently than lesser options.

There are more permutations, find out more here: Power BI service features by licence type – Power BI | Microsoft Docs and here Pricing & Product Comparison | Microsoft Power BI

Prices for Power BI consultancy vary hugely, reflecting the variety of skill levels and experience available in the market. There’s more to a successful Power BI implementation than just technical delivery. We believe it’s important to mix technical know-how with business understanding and  people skills so that the end result is fully adopted by all stakeholders. Find out about our pricing here

Power BI is a Microsoft product and is hosted in their Azure cloud infrastructure. As a result it offers enterprise standard security whether you’re a 1000+ seat business or a single user. All data that passes through Power BI is fully encrypted. You can find out more about Power BI security here: Power BI security white paper – Power BI | Microsoft Docs

The Power BI Service is an online workspace that allows you to share and collaborate on reports and dashboards with your colleagues. And, under certain conditions, people from outside of your organisation. You can set up Workspaces for different teams and access privileges for individual reports. You can even group reports together into Apps that your colleagues can download and stay constantly up-to-date. Find out more about all of the different sharing options for Power BI here: Share Power BI reports and dashboards with coworkers and others – Power BI | Microsoft Docs


Getting started with Power BI is simple. You can download the Power BI Desktop app from the Microsoft Store and start connecting to your data and building reports for free. Check out our video on top tips *Link pending* to get started quickly with Power BI. If you’re ready to do more, check out Microsoft’s learning materials here: Power BI

Yes you can. You can use the Power BI app for Android and iOS to view your reports and dashboards. Better yet, you can set up fully mobile-optimised versions of your reports so that colleagues get an even better report experience on the move.