What is Power BI?

Essentially, Power BI is an interactive reporting platform that gives you the right answers quickly so you can make smart business decisions

Power BI is approaching its 10th birthday in the Microsoft 365 suite. In that first decade it’s been adopted by data and IT professionals globally and it’s become the market leading data visualisation tool.

But why should you consider Power BI? And what does data visualisation actually do?

Here’s why. Firstly, Power BI can…

Free up staff time and avoid errors in manual data input

We can waste hours, days, weeks taking information from different sources and putting it into spreadsheets. Power BI can automate it all – and remove human error.

Power BI can…

Connect siloed information for a clearer overall picture

It can connect to data in different places across your business. Combine

  • Sales data from Dynamics 365 or Sales Force with
  • Financial records from Xero or QuickBooks
  • Incorporate formulas from Excel or Google Sheets and use third-party data in
  • SQL Server or AWS or a from the company’s website

And then Power BI can…

Reliably visualise business KPIs to

  • Find insights
  • Uncover hidden value that can be
  • Shared with specific people to…
  • Make solid decisions
  • So that everyone can do their job better

Power BI dashboards, if done correctly, will help you understand what’s working and what’s failing AND help you to decide what to do next.

It’s not about pretty graphs and charts

So, if you don’t use Power BI yourself, or if you’ve only skimmed the surface, you might think it’s just a way to present your business information in pretty graphs and charts. It’s not!

Super useful features in Power BI

Here’s just a few…


You can pin vital statistics from several reports onto a single dashboard, so you have everything you need in one, single view. And your colleagues can do the same. Everyone can choose what’s most relevant to them, so everyone stays focussed.

Interactive filters and drill downs

Filter information to your hearts content to see your business from different angles and then drill into the data for more revealing insights


Ask questions in plain English and powerful AI (Artificial Intelligence) can give you the answers – fast!

But Power BI is just a tool – success lies in the execution

Getting the most from Power BI requires quality thinking, a good understanding of what you need to KNOW, a plan for the data and the technical skills to put it all into practice.

Explore your ideas with us, we’re here to help

Book a 1-hour, free consultation with a Power BI expert here. Let’s explore how can implement Power BI to influence your organisation in new and unexpected ways.

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