10 Benefits of Using Microsoft Power Bi

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As the data and analytics boom continues many businesses are looking to decide on the right BI and data platform for them. The marketplace has a fair few players in it, but you can’t even scratch the surface of this space without coming across Power BI. It’s Mintivo’s BI platform of choice, so we thought we’d tell you why and help you understand why Power BI is the best BI platform choice for us and millions of other businesses globally.

1) It’s the #1 market leader

Ok, this first one isn’t technically a feature or function of Power BI, but it’s a pretty big deal. Power BI is recognised by global technology analysts Gartner as the market leading BI platform in 2022. Gartner identify Power BI as the most visionary product in the market, and with the best ability to deliver on that vision. Before we get into the many cool features and benefits of Power BI, it being the biggest fish in the BI pond shouldn’t be ignored if you’re looking to invest in a robust, proven BI ecosystem for your business.

2) Self-service analytics at your fingertips

It often takes leaders too long to get the answers they need to make key business decisions. They have the vision for what they need but have to wait for developers to build them a new report. Power BI has self service options for quickly getting answers to important questions from your data. You can even type in plain English questions and get the answer instantly thanks to built-in AI (Artificial Intelligence). Power BI will seriously cut down your time to insight.

3) All your data anywhere, anytime

Self-service doesn’t stop there. Power BI has a powerful mobile app that lets you access dashboards and reports on the move. You can analyse, annotate, and share them, even when you’re not in the office. With the recent Data in Space features you can even pin Power BI dashboards to physical locations and use powerful Augmented Reality to view them from your mobile. Imagine running a chain of stores and being able to walk up to the front of any branch, point your phone camera at it, and instantly see all the latest sales data for that store.

4) Harness the power of AI

Power BI’s built in AI doesn’t just allow you to ask questions when you think of them. It can also go and analyse your datasets and suggest insights for you based on patterns and trends. It can help you answer the questions you need but it can also ask the questions you might not even have thought to ask, paving the way to new insights.

5) Fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and Azure

As a Microsoft product Power BI fits seamlessly into the wider Microsoft ecosystem. It integrates with all of your favourite common Microsoft Office tools. Want to model some data from a Power BI report in Excel? Want to embed your Power BI dashboard into a PowerPoint presentation so the data refreshes every time you give that presentation? No problem at all. The wider Azure integration means that your entire data ecosystem can be linked together including options for data lakes, data warehouses, databases, and advanced analytics like sentiment analysis and live data streaming.

6) Genuinely Actionable insights

Power BI is also part of Microsoft’s wider Power Platform toolset. It has amazing integration with PowerApps and PowerAutomate. This means you can embed functionality to take actions within your Power BI dashboards. Imagine looking at repair dashboards for a fleet of vehicles and being to raise a maintenance job for a vehicle then and there based on the data you’re seeing without ever leaving your report.

7) No more arguing over who’s data is right!

Power BI uses published datasets to run reports. That means you can have everyone in your business looking at exactly the same set of pre-built and approved data. People can go and build their own reports from these datasets, but they’ll always be working from exactly the same data and queries so no more getting different answers to the same questions. This is a huge win for your company culture and data governance with data and BI becoming more trusted and reliable.

8) Always have the latest data

To make the right decisions at the right time for your business you need to be looking at the latest data at all times. So often business leaders are given reports in Excel that are already out of date by the time they’re read. With Power BI it’s easy to connect directly to your data sources and get the latest information every time you view a report so you’re not making decisions based on old intel. 

9) Use data to start the conversation

In Power BI you can easily share insights, visuals, or even whole reports with your colleagues at the touch of a button. Send a report to your team in seconds or share insights in Teams chat. You can even embed Power BI fully into Teams. This can drive a healthier, more productive culture built around facts, not opinions.

10) Data security as standard

Microsoft are global leaders in cyber security so it won’t surprise you that Power BI has exceptional security controls to keep your data safe. Data is fully encrypted as standard, and there are a host of options for managing access within your business so only the right people see the right data at the right level of detail to make sure that you stay compliant.

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